The Vision Plan


Hi Michelle (Anytime Construction)

It was great speaking to you! Per our conversation, please see  below for your Vision Plan. Section 1 is Suggested Package (the package that we think best fits your vision, based on our Vision Coaching Session or just using plain common sense :-). If you are ready to move forward, please click "Pay Now" so we can get started. Section 2 are your Vision Tips (steps, advice, & guidance to help your vision to come to life.) and Section 3 is Fuel it Further  (a place for you to review other services that will fuel your vision further).

Thanks for choosing us as your Vision Team! See below: 


1. Suggested package

BranD Development

The Empire

Investment: $400

  • Brand Image/logo creation (4 concepts) 
  • Brand Style Guide creation
  • Logo Animation
  • Business Card/Letterhead design
  • Quote template design
  • 30 minute Vision Coaching Session


2. Vision TIps

  • A - IF you are promoting this brand separately from CB, make all social media accounts. 
  • B - Definite the different message for Anytime construction to prevent confusion of the CB brand. 
  • C - Manage all brands using the provided Dropbox folder and do not "mix" the content or brand materials. Keep all brands: CB, AnyTime, and HCH, separate as their own branded entities. 


3. Fuel it Further


     We can't wait to #FuelYourVision!