10 Productivity Apps Every Freelancer Needs

Making a living as a freelancer can be fulfilling, but it can also be lonely and stressful. You, alone, have to balance not just your “must-do’s” and “want-to-do’s”—but also your books.

The good news? You don’t have to go it alone. In today’s digitally powered world, online tools abound that can address a great many of the typical freelancer’s productivity, workflow, organizational, and intellectual needs. A well-curated selection of apps, websites, and software provides additional arrows in your creative quiver—not to mention sanity. To help you refresh your workflow, we’ve curated 10 apps that have captured our attention:

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19 Books Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Read This Year

First-time entrepreneurs face many of the same learning curves--mastering time management and productivity, learning the secrets of sales and marketing, building a brand, attracting and retaining a high-quality team, and handling the stress and emotional fluctuations that come with facing failure and taking your future onto your shoulders.

But creative entrepreneurs face an additional challenge: As they shift their passion into their full-time focus, they must also learn how to wrangle their muse to make sure she's showing up to work every day too.  

That journey will undoubtedly involve lots of learning--often through online courses,informative podcasts, mastermind groups, or a network of supportive family, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs. Here are 19 books that will help in your journey to successful expression as a creative entrepreneur.  

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