Jiwann “Wann D” Dixon



Jiwann “Wann D” Dixon, a graduate of Morehouse College, founded VisionFuel in 2010 with his wife as an entertainment company and independent record label. Today, the company still has an indie label with 3 artists, but has expanded into a creative content agency. Aside from producing music for artists, his company now assists creatives and entrepreneurs through their “Vision Coaching” program. Wann D utilizes his skills in the arts and marketing to build companies and coach them on how to manage their content. Last year, the company opened a merchandise division titled “The Fuel Shop.” Through fashion and street apparel (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.) his company continues to push their message - “Fuel Your Vision”, by any means necessary. This year, the company’s focus is on fueling their own visions and the visions of others through film and video production. Wann D is a music producer that films cinematic commercials for clients and scores his beats into the final video. With a plethora of creative skills, he uses them and his schooling to bring visions to life in various forms and mediums.