The Vision Plan


Hi Jacob (with KW, A.k.a. Jacob the Realtor), 

It was great speaking to you yesterday! Per our conversation, please see  below for your Vision Plan. Section 1 is Suggested Package (the package that we think best fits your vision, based on our Vision Coaching Session or just using plain common sense :-). If you are ready to move forward, please click "Pay Now" so we can get started. Section 2 are your Vision Tips (steps, advice, & guidance to help your vision to come to life.) and Section 3 is Fuel it Further  (a place for you to review other services that will fuel your vision further).

Thanks for choosing us as your Vision Team! See below: 


I. Suggested package

FILM/Video Production

The Indie

Investment: $250 (-$50 for connection through Jason Reese) New total = $200

  • 1 shot location for filming

  • Up to 2 hours of filming

  • 1 edited video commercial (up to 60 seconds)

  • 1 film Vision Plan  (PDF guide on how to market your visuals) 



II. Vision TIps

  1. After the commercial is filmed and edited, we will create a monthly retainer for video editing. We'll agree on the price and then begin to edit your realtor videos for content per month. The price is TBD depending on the average amount of videos you send and when. 
  2. Great job on IG and FB ads! After you receive your dope brand commercial back, run your commercial on a specific target. This should increase engagement to your realtor brand. 
  3. As we discussed, we will edit your realtor videos for you to use as promotions. Since this is a monthly retainer and we need more details before concluding on price, let's wait until we've filmed your commercial. We will revisit this and work out the details afterwards. 


III. Fuel it Further


     We can't wait to #FuelYourVision!