The Vision Plan


Hi Erica Moore of (Optimum Health Care Consulting)

Great speaking to you this past weekend! Per our conversation, please see  below for your Vision Plan. Section I is Service/Suggested Package (the service we are providing and the package that we think best fits your vision, based on our Vision Coaching Session. Details of what’s included in the package are listed in bullet form underneath. If you are ready to move forward, please click "Buy Now", and checkout so we can get started. Section II are your Vision Tips (steps, advice, & guidance to help your vision to come to life.) and Section III is Fuel it Further  (a place for you to see relevant content in our portfolio and other services that will fuel your vision further).

Thanks for choosing us as your Vision Team! See below: 


I. Service: Film/Video Production (cinematic commercial)

Suggested PackagE:


The Major

(standard package/best seller)

Starting @ $500

Investment: $300 (includes $200 off, Holiday promotion)

  • Treatment/Shot list creation & assistance

  • 1 shot location for filming

  • Up to 4 hours for film/shooting time

  • Directing + Shooting

  • Editing (includes: effects, transitions, titling, & Hollywood-style color grading)

  • 1 edited video delivered in 1080p HD format (full length of the song)

  • 1 Film Vision Plan (our custom e-book that guides you on how to market your video) + Vision Coaching Session

  • *1 beat/instrumental. Exclusive license. (To be recorded at another studio or with me at our discounted studio rates)

    *Optional Add-Ons: BTS photos, recording session, mixing, mastering, &, footage release


Event (Custom Package) March 8th 6:30-8:30 and March 9th 8:30am-4:30pm

Investment: $1,450 (for 10 hours at rate $125 per hour for shooting + $200 for photography Add-On)

  • Directing & Shooting + Footage release

  • BTS Photos

  • Editing (includes: effects, transitions, titling, & Hollywood-style color grading). EDITED like a Short documentary or short film

  • 2 edited videos of the event. 1 video up to 60 seconds and 1 up to 3 minutes (includes my beats/instrumentals - leased for the video. Not owned exclusively.)

  • 1 Film Vision Plan (our custom e-book that guides you on how to market your video) + Vision Coaching Session



II. Vision Tips

  1. After we shoot and edit your commercial. Schedule another Vision Coaching call with us to ensure that you understand how to market it effectively. We will provide some Facebook and Instagram coaching.

  2. Prior to your event, be sure to get flyers made to promote the event on social media



III. Fuel it Further

Portfolio links:

  1. Brands and Websites, Click >>> here

  2. Film/Video Production, Click >>> here


     We can't wait to #FuelYourVision!