The Vision Plan


Hi Celeste and (The House Wife Life Team)

Great speaking to you today! Per our conversation, please see  below for your Vision Plan. Section I is Suggested Package (the package that we think best fits your vision, based on our Vision Coaching Session or just using plain common sense :-). If you are ready to move forward, please click "Buy Now", and checkout so we can get started. Section II are your Vision Tips (steps, advice, & guidance to help your vision to come to life.) and Section III is Fuel it Further  (a place for you to see relevant content in our portfolio and other services that will fuel your vision further).

Thanks for choosing us as your Vision Team! See below: 


I. Suggested package

BranD + Web Development


Investment: $966 (includes Photoshoot Add-on, Squarespace hosting fee for 1st year, and Morehouse Family Discount)

  • Brand image/logo creation (4 concepts)

  • Brand style guide creation 

  • Website design (graphic/photo editing, branding, & style structure)

  • Website functionality (process implementation & user experience) 

  • E-commerce installation (*Service products only) 

  • Blog Installation

  • Unlimited Pages 

  • First year of web hosting must be paid separately to Squarespace due to Morehouse discount.

  • 30 minute Vision Coaching Session

* Add-On: 1 Photoshoot (1 location)



II. Vision TIps

  1. Brand / Web Development + Photoshoot: After you get these items you are well on your way to a well built brand! Consider contacting for an LLC and Trademark of your brand.

  2. Social Media Coaching: Circle back around with us for your free social media coaching session. We will give you some advice on building the House Wife Life brand as a platform for mothers who multi-task. #THWL has the potential to build a huge community, be a resource, and create a forum for Mothers. We will discuss ways on how to do that.

  3. Film/Video production (Visual Marketing): Videos/Video marketing are proven to expose your brand and increase engagement. Before your official launch in April 2019, schedule a Video shoot with us. We will create a Cinematic Commercial with music produced by us, for you to use in your visual marketing campaign. See a sample video >>> HERE



III. Fuel it Further

Portfolio links:

  1. Brands and Websites, Click >>> here

  2. Film/Video Production, Click >>> here


     We can't wait to #FuelYourVision!